Roberts Ranch
Smokin' RedDirt BBQ

• Historic Downtown Enid
• KCBS Sanctioned BBQ Contest
• Enid Noon Ambucs BBQ Lunch

  1. Bar B Q Joint
  2. Purple Voodoo
  3. Sanders & Son
  4. Lemonade Louie
  5. Smoky Bones
  6. Cookshack
  7. Rib Crib
  8. Fat Hog BBQ
  9. Big Sexy Boys BBQ
  10. Naughty Nurses

  • 10 & Under
  1. Greybeard Babies
  2. Barbour BarbeCute
  3. Hasja 6
  4. Cereal Griller
  5. Evans Brothers
  6. Smokin’ Beau’s BBQ
  7. Smokin Grillaz
  8. Double PP
  9. Rib Rascals
  • 11-15yr Olds
  1. Little Pig Town
  2. Iron Wheel Cookers
  3. Doctor BarB Who
  4. Kats BBQ

2013 Results

April 22nd, 2013
  • Chicken
  1. Whiskey Pitt BBQ Co
  2. Wildcatters Q Crew
  3. Disco Ball
  4. Smoky Bones
  5. Ponderosa BBQ
  6. Hot Wire BBQ
  7. Lotta Bull
  8. Smokin’ Elvises
  9. Butcher BBQ
  10. JP Custom Smoke
  • Ribs
  1. Iron Wheel Cookers
  2. Hot Wire BBQ
  3. Dr. Nordy’s BBQ
  4. Buffalo’s BBQ
  5. Whiskey Pitt BBQ Co
  6. Disco Ball
  7. JP Custom Smoke
  8. 4 Legs Up BBQ
  9. Wichita Swinemen
  10. Little Pig Town
  • Pork
  1. JP Custom Smoke
  2. 4 Legs Up BBQ
  3. Dr. Nordy’s BBQ
  4. Rubbing Butts BBQ
  5. Cookshack
  6. Little Pig Town
  7. Hot Wire BBQ
  8. Butcher BBQ
  9. Big Sexy Boys BBQ
  10. Smokeaholics KS
  • Brisket
  1. Wildcatters Q Crew
  2. Hurry Up & Wait
  3. Hoggy Style OK
  4. Smokin’ Elvises
  5. The American Dream BBQ Team
  6. 4 Legs Up BBQ
  7. Rubbing Butts BBQ
  8. JP Custom Smoke
  9. Rowdy Boys BBQ
  10. Lotta Bull
  • Dessert
  1. Naughty Nurses
  2. Wildcatters Q Crew
  3. Smokin’ Bones
  4. Lemonade Louie
  5. Jack Attack BBQ
  6. Smoke n Ice
  7. Hurry Up & Wait
  8. Wingman BBQ Sauce
  9. Purple Voodoo
  10. 4 Legs Up BBQ
  • Overall Rankings
  1. Grand Champion - JP Custom Smoke
  2. Reserve Grand - Wildcatters Q Crew
  3. Dr. Nordy’s BBQ
  4. Whiskey Pitt BBQ
  5. Hot Wire BBQ


January 29th, 2013
  • Two age divisions - 10yrs & Under and 11-15yrs
  • Friday, April 19th 3:30 - 6:30pm
  • This event will challenge the next generation of BBQ competitors to practice and refine their talent. 
  • Limited Space! Only 25 spots available. 
  • Rules & Regulations and Entry Form Under Main Menu

CBJ Judging Class - March 2013

September 26th, 2012

KCBS Certified BBQ Judging Class Scheduled for March 9, 2013.

  • Class Fee: KCBS Members $55.00
  • Class Fee: Non-KCBS Members $90.00
  • A Kansas City BBQ Judge Instructor will teach those in attendance on how to judge competition BBQ in three different areas: Taste, Appearance & Texture. In the official KCBS meat categories: Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Brisket.
  • Registration Deadline: March 4, 2013. Registration fee for NON-KCBS members includes a one-year membership to KCBS and a one-year subscription to the KCBS Bullsheet monthly publication.
  • Class Location: Gantz Hall, Rm GU 100 - Northern Oklahoma College, Enid Campus - 100 S. University Ave. Enid, OK
  • Class Time: 9:30am - 1:30pm / Please check-in by 9:00am.


  • Name     _______________________________
  • Phone    _______________________________
  • Address _______________________________
  • City   ______________  State ______   Zip ____
  • KCBS Member    Yes ___     No  ___

Send Registration form and fee to:

  • Eagle Marketing c/o KCBS Judging Class
  • 227 W. Broadway
  • Enid, OK  73701

Signature ______________________________   Date ____________

2012 Contest Results

April 23rd, 2012

68 Teams Registered: Jay Willies Whiskey Pit, Lotta Bull BBQ, Hogs on the Sauce, Sunrise BBQ, Git Your Pig On, JP Custom Smoke, Boys Can Smoke, Little Pig Town, Iron Wheel Cookers, Ponderosa BBQ, Butcher BBQ, Kosmo’s Q, Blazen BBQ, Butt First BBQ, Grauers Hog Wash, Great Plains BBQ, Lemonade Louie, The Common’s - Morrison Sr. Living, Evolution BBQ, Rubbing Butts BBQ, Buffalo’s BBQ, Smoke N The Rockies, Bar-B-Q Joint, Barry & Erica, 4 Legs Up, Hedge Hogs, Hoggy Style OK, Hurry Up & Wait, Los Primos BBQ, Bruce & Kyle the Dymanic Duo of BBQ, Abundant BBQ, Wildcatters Q Crew, Dr. Mordy’s BBQ, Whimpy’s BBQ, Cookshack, J&J Swine & Bovine, Burn Out BBQ, Smokin’ Bones, Smoky Bones, Rib Crib Pig Men, Twin Oak, Naughty Nurses, Mel’s BBQ, QMUP, Triangle S Bar BQ, Cant’ Beat Our Meat, Purple VooDoo, Smoke Wagon, PHC, Asault from the Sky BBQ, Brew Crew BBQ, Tool Time, The Smokin’ Okies, C Crew BBQ, Back Draft BBQ, Rise N Swine, Johan’s BBQ World, Smokin’ The Competition, Counrty Road BBQ, Rowdy Boys BBQ, Steele Family Bar B Que, Sanders & Sons BBQ, Blaz’n BBQ, Pearl Snap BBQ, Rogun’s BBQ, Shaggin & Waggin BBQ,  Outlaw Rays Barbeque

  1. Rubbing Butts BBQ
  2. Triangle S Bar B Q
  3. JP Custom Smoke
  4. Hoggy Style OK
  5. Jay Willies Whiskey Pit
  6. Buffalo’s BBQ
  7. Wildcatters Q Crew
  8. Hogs on the Sauce
  9. Butcher BBQ
  10. Git Your Pig On
  • RIBS
  1. JP Custom Smoke
  2. Great Plains BBQ
  3. Blazen BBQ
  4. Iron Wheel Cookers
  5. Burn Out BBQ
  6. Hedge Hogs
  7. Git Your Pig On
  8. Smoke N The Rockie
  9. Butcher BBQ
  10. Boys Can Smoke
  • PORK
  1. Ponderosa BBA
  2. Little Pig Town
  3. Grauers Hog Wash
  4. Butcher BBQ
  5. Dr. Mordy’s BBQ
  6. Hurry Up & Wait
  7. Kosmo’s Q
  8. Bar-B-Q Joint
  9. Bruce & Kyle the Dynamic Duo of BBQ
  10. Lotta Bull BBQ
  1. Hogs on the Sauce
  2. Los Primos BBQ
  3. Smokin’ Bones
  4. Barry & Erica
  5. Butt First BBQ
  6. Lotta Bull BBQ
  7. Sunrise BBQ
  8. Abundant BBQ
  9. Buffalo’s BBQ
  10. Ponderosa BBQ
  1. Evolution BBQQ
  2. Sanders & Sons BBQ
  3. Lotta Bull BBQ
  4. Bar-B-Q Joint
  5. Tool Time
  6. Purple VooDoo
  7. Wildcatters Q Crew
  8. 4 Legs Up
  9. Country Road BBQ
  10. Naughty Nurses
  1. Bar-B-Q Joint
  2. Purple VooDoo
  3. Assault From the Sky BBQ & Lemonade Louie

2012 Schedule of Events

April 5th, 2012



  • 12 Noon                Student Art Show & Art Festival Opens
  • 4:30pm - 8pm     “Make n Take” Craft Fair - Free for children in grades K-5th grade. Children will experience difference craft stations, make them and take them home!
  • 8pm - 10pm         Turpin Tune. A great time of local musical talent at the Turpin Theatre inside the Gaslight Theatre.


  • 12 Noon               Student Art Show & Art Festival Opens
  • 3:00pm       Booth Vendors Open
  • 5:00pm                Free Pulled Pork Sandwiches - While Supplies Last! Courtesy of Roberts Ranch and the National Pork Board. Located at the corner of Cherokee and Independence in the National Pork Board Trailer!
  • 5:30pm                 Live Music and Swing Dancing with CatFink inside the Cherokee Strip Conference Center. Free Admission.
  • 6:00pm                People’s Choice - Visti over 20 participating BBQ contestants to sample champinship ribs and sides, then vote for your favorite. Only $7 a plate.  Ticket booth located on the corner of Cherokee & Independence near the Security National Bank ATM.
  • 8:00pm         Mainstreet JazzStroll - Free Admission to LIVE music at these locations: Gaslight Theatre, BHip Kids, PaneVino, Side Walk Cafe, Soapweeds & Cactus, Callahan’s Pub & Grill, For You Boutique, The Felt Bird, Blue Jays Barber Shop, Q-Spot, DogTown and the Gazebo!
  • 8:30pm        Live Music and Swing Dancing with Peter and the Last, inside the Cherokee Strip Conference Center. Free Admission
  • 9:00pm                 Fireworks, courtesy of Western Enterprises (weather permitting)


  • 10:00am Art Festival & Student Art show Opens
  • 10:00am-3pm YWCA “Day Without Violence” children activities & games
  • 10:00am - 3pm Chris Capstone Master Magician - Be amazed as magician Chris Capstone strolls the event performing LIVE!
  • 10:00am - 3pm Pony Rides $6 each
  • 11:00am-1pm  Enid Noon Ambuc BBQ Lunch - inside the Cherokee Strip Conference Center. Dinner includes pulled pork, beans, slaw, pickle and roll with tea or water. Tickets $7 advance available at the Enid News & Eagle. $8 at the door. Each ticket also gives you a chance at a $1000 cash drawing to be given away at David Allen Memorial Ballpark 2pm. 4 chances to win!
  • 11:30 - 3:30    Live Music by CatFink featuring the new group Blazin!
  • 1:30pm            Miracle League All-Star Exhibition Game at David Allen Memorial Ballpark.
  • 2pm          Cash Drawing at David Allen Memorial Ballpark
  • 3:30pm  KCBS Awards Ceremony - awarding $13,000 in total prize money to the KCBS BBQ Contestants and the People’s Choice Winner!

2012 Contest Dates!

August 30th, 2011

The 7th Annual Roberts Ranch Smokin’ Red Dirt BBQ will be April 20-21, 2012 in Downtown Enid, OK!


November 11th, 2010

Hey concessionaires! we want to pack downtown Enid April 20TH - 21ST with tonsof outdoor vendors during the 7th Annual Roberts Ranch Smokin’ Red Dirt BBQ! It’s a RED DIRT SPECIAL! You must be weather ready, provide your own set-up, generators etc. You bring your stuff we’ll bring the crowd. Only $25! email or give us a call. Vendor Registration forms available under the main menu.

2010 Contest Winners

April 28th, 2010
  • Grand Champion - Iron Wheel Cookers, Kingfisher OK
  • Reserve Grand - Twin Oak Smokin’ Crew, Stillwater OK


  1. Butcher BBQ, Chandler OK
  2. Little Pig Town, Owasso OK
  3. Smokerz Wild OK, Enid OK
  4. Butt Lovers BBQ, Yukon, OK
  5. Smokers Wild, Paola, KS
  6. Country Road BarBQ, Newkirk, OK
  7. Iron Wheel Cookers, Kingfisher, OK
  8. Bellys by Traeger, Haven, Ks
  9. Big Creek BBQ, Pleasant Hill, Mo
  10. Pig In! Pig Out!, Wichita, Ks


  1. PHC BBQ, Hennessey Ok
  2. Jay Willies Whiskey Pit, Lindsborg Ks
  3. Twin Oak Smokin’ Crew, Stillwater OK
  4. Cookshack, Ponca City OK
  5. Ponderosa BBQ, DesMoines IA
  6. Whimpy’s BBQ, Olathe, Ks
  7. Belly’s By Traeger, Haven, Ks
  8. Kosmo’s Q, Mustang OK
  9. Pig Dawg, Tulsa OK
  10. Lemonade Louie, Ringwood OK



  1. Rib Crib Pigmen, Tulsa OK
  2. Twin Oak Smokin’ Crew
  3. Pok N Da Ribs
  4. Fat Hog BBQ, Enid OK
  5. Country Road BarBQ, Newkirk OK
  6. Buffalo’s BBQ, Sperry OK
  7. Jay Willies Whiskey Pit, Lindsborg Ks
  8. Wham! Bam! Thank You Ham!, Haysville Ks
  9. Locke Stock & Double Barrel, Enid OK
  10. Big Creek BBQ, Pleasant Hill, Mo


  1.  Iron Wheel Cookers, Kingfisher OK
  2. QMUP, Edmond OK
  3. Tool Time, Enid OK
  4. Big Creek BBQ, Pleasant Hill, Mo
  5. Butt Lovers BBQ, Yukon OK
  6. Ponderosa BBQ, DesMoines Ia
  7. We Do BBQ, Nash OK
  8. Butcher BBQ, Chandler OK
  9. Buffalo Smokin’ Bandits, Buffalo OK
  10. Rub it Rite, Enid OK



  1. Lemonade Louie, Enid OK
  2. Pig Dawg, Tulsa OK
  3. Angel Delight, Enid Ok
  4. 4 Legs Up BBQ, Great Bend, KS
  5. Country Road BarBQ, Newkirk OK
  6. Q’en Hoggie Style, Enid OK
  7. Original Sin BBQ, OKC, OK
  8. Pig In! Pig Out!, Wichita, KS
  9. Express Mortgage BBQ, Tulsa OK
  10. Buffalo’s BBQ, Sperry OK


People’s Choice

  1. Bedlam BBQ, Pond Creek OK
  2. Lemonade Louie, Ringwood OK
  3. Bass Akard, Bison OK